Pathology Report

Pathology Reprt and Document Service performed by a board-certified pathologist

Status of Sumitted sample Request description Urgency Catalog Price ($)/slide
Macro and micro images of animal samples (see above for the cost of preparation of slides and images) Diagnostic pathology report, first site 15 days S0701 45.00
Diagnostic pathology report, additional site(s) 15 days S0702 30.00
Cytology (smears) 15 days S0703 45.00
Descriptive pathology report, per section 15 days S0704 40.00
Toxicology pathology report, per section 15 days S0705 18.00
Semi-quantitative pathology report, first parameter 15 days S0706 18.00
Semi-quantitative path report, additional parameters, same section 15 days S0707 15.00
Comprehensive Pathology Report, including the description of the the gross and microscopic aspects of each specimen with tables, charts, graphs, annotated photographs, data analysis, comments, findings, summarizations and conclusions. Price is for per case 15 days S0708 500.00
20 unstainned paraffin slides, summarized clinical information Medical document translation for pathology consultation: translate and send the documents together with samples to hospitals/pathologists to review, translate Pathology Report (Price is for per case; Limited to certain languages) 7 days S0709 500.00