General Histology

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      Even though histology has been widely used in research and clinic for many years, it remains an essential technology that allows researchers and clinicians to study the morphology and structure of tissues in particular pathophysiological conditions. The Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stain allows the visualization of nuclei and cytoplasm respectively and is considered the general/ routine procedure in histology. Each step during the whole procedure may affect the H&E stain result dramatically. To support your research, APS offers a comprehensive list of services, including sample processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and imaging and pathologic evaluation, performed by our experienced histologists and a board certified pathologist. Customers also have the flexibility to request the specific needs during the procedure. No matter what stage your samples are in, we can finish the rest.

General Histology Service Pricing

Paraffin Services (all samples should be fixed before submitting)
Status of Sumitted sample Request description Urgency Catalog Price ($)/sample
Untrimed Trim, Cassett, Process, Embed, Section, H&E stain 7 days S01UNTH-E 16.80
3 days S01UNTH-U 19.00
Trim, Cassett, Process, Embed, Section 7 days S01UNTS-E 13.80
3 days S01UNTS-U 16.00
Trim, Cassett, Process, Embed 7 days S01UNTE-E 10.00
3 days S01UNTE-U 13.00
Trim, Cassett, Process 7 days S01UNTP-E 7.00
3 days S01UNTP-U 10.00
Trimmed but not casetted Cassett, Process, Embed, Section, H&E stain 7 days S01TRCH-E 15.25
3 days S01TRCH-U 18.25
Cassett, Process, Embed, Section 7 days S01TRCS-E 13.00
3 days
S01TRCS-U 16.00
Cassett, Process, Embed 7 days S01TRCE-E 9.50
3 days S01TRCE-U 13.00
Cassett, Process 7 days S01TRCP-E 5.85
3 days S01TRCP-U 9.00
Cassetted but not processed Process, Embed, Section, H&E stain 7 days S01CAPH-E 13.50
3 days S01CAPH-U 17.50
Process, Embed, Section 7 days S01CAPS-E 11.00
3 days S01CAPS-U 15.00
Process, Embed 7 days S01CAPE-E 8.10
3 days S01CAPE-U 12.10
Process 7 days S01CAPP-E 3.60
3 days S01CAPP-U 6.00
Processed but not embedded Embed, Section, H&E stain 7 days S01PREH-E 11.00
3 days S01PREH-U 14.00
Embed, Section 7 days S01PRES-E 9.00
3 days S01PRES-U 12.00
Embed 7 days S01PREE-E 4.50
3 days S01PREE-U 7.50
Embeded but not sectioned Section, H&E stain 7 days S01EMSH-E 7.00
3 days S01EMSH-U 10.00
Section 7 days S01EMSS-E 5.00
3 days S01EMSS-U 7.00
Sectioned but not stained H&E stain 7 days S01SEHH-E 4.00
3 days S01SEHH-U 6.00
Faced block (to duplicate cutting & staining) One additional slide, H&E stain 7 days S01ADSH-E 7.50
3 days S01ADSH-U 11.00
Faced block (to duplicate cutting ) One additional unstained slide 7 days S01ADSS-E 3.00
3 days S01ADSS-U 4.50
Fixed tissue with bones Decalcification, small specimen 7 days S01DC01-E 6.50
3 days S01DC01-E 15.00
Multiple tissue in cassette Multiple tissues in cassette 7 days S01MC01-E 2.50

Frozen Sections
Status of Sumitted sample Request description Urgency Catalog Price ($)
Fresh tissue Embed/freeze in OCT, sectio, H&E stain 3 days S02FREH-U 15.00
Embed/freeze in OCT, section 3 days S02FRES-U 13.00
Embed/freeze in OCT only 3 days S02FREE-U 9.50
Frozen tissue in OCT block  Section, H&E stain 7 days S02OCSH-E 10.00
3 days S02OCSH-U 12.00
Section, first slide 7 days S02OCSS-E 8.00
3 days S02OCSS-U 10.00
Additional unstained slide 7 days S02ADSS-E 6.00
3 days S02ADSS-U 7.00
Sectioned un-stainded slide H&E stain 7 days S02SEHH-E 4.00
3 days S02SEHH-U 6.00
Fix slide (per slide) 7 days S02SEFF-E 2.00
3 days S02SEFF-U 3.00

To order your services, please follow the following procedures

  • Step 1: Tell us your request. You can find your requested service and the respective price from the table above. Based on the Status of Submitted Sample, the Request Description, and Urgency, you will find the Catalog and Price of your requested service. Please note by default the price is for cutting/staining of one slide, if you want to cut/stain more than one slide, you must order “one additional slide” with Catalog S01ADSH, or S01ADSS in the same time. See below for the difference of the two types of request Urgency. Pathology Reports take longer to process.  

    • 7 days: We fulfill your request faster than most other service providers do. Typical General Histology services will be complete within 1 -week after we
    receive your samples, if your project is not too big.
    • 3 days: If you need the result in urgent to meet your deadlines, you may choose the 3 days option, which will expedite the service
    , and we will return results to you within 3 business days of receipt.
  • Step 2: Fill out a Quote through the link below the table.
  • Step 4: Ship your samples to us. Please include your Sample Submission Form with your samples
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  • Step 5: Once your request is fulfilled, we will send back your data/slides and invoice
  • Step6: We accept credit cards or purchase orders.