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General Histology Diverse array of histology services, conducted by certified histologists and pathologists
Special Staining A variety of special chemical stains to enable the visualization of microstructures of your tissues
TMA Construction Merging tissues on a slide for better consistency and productivity in diverse applications
Immunohistochemistry High quality IHC, multiplex IF staining and ab screening to support your R&D
Digital Imaging Imaging, slide scanning, & secure cloud access, enabling unbiased analysis with free software
Human Specimens & Control Slides FFPE human tissues with annotated clinical data and quality control by our pathologists
Pathology Report Our certified pathologists score tissues from various diseases or disease models
Image Analysis Quantification of cellular, subcellular or extracellular signals of bright field or fluorescence
Surgical Pathology CLIA certified laboratory services & subspecialized pathology report to deliver high quality

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  • APS has supported Q-32's breakthrough research in Molecular Therapy. Check out their published research paper here. 
  • APS has attained the prestigious status of a premium vendor on, enabling us to broaden our service offerings to a wider array of esteemed research organizations.
  • In May 2023, APS celebrated a significant achievement by surpassing the remarkable milestone of completing 1,000 projects.
  • APS celebrates 7 years of excellence in histology and pathology services for industry and academia research and development.
  • As a CLIA certified laboratory, APS officially rolled out histopathology clinical services to support clinics and hospitals.

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