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Fast & High Quality Histology Services

  • Comprehensive: We provide a variety histology/pathology services and try to make APS the one stop shop for all histology studies
  • Flexible: Send us your samples in any status and we will send back the samples, stained slides, images or data that you prefer
  • High Quality: All services are performed by ASCP certified histologists and experienced scientists. Pathology evaluations are performed by dedicated specialized pathologists
  •  IHC ready: For many markers, commercial IHC antibodies have been validated in-house, ready to run in your samples
  • Ready & Fast: Receive your result in as little as 3 days. 


Products and Clinical Specimen

  • Control slides: A  variety of human control slides have been validated for the expression of IHC markers
  • Clinical specimen: All FFPE and fresh frozen tissues are acquired from our network of teaching hospitals with annotated key clinical data. Samples have companion H&E images and are strictly QU'ed by experienced pathologist
  • Pre-made Tissue Microarray (TMA):  allows you to test multiple cases in one single slide
  •  High Quality reagents: Specialized or general histology reagents enable you to get results reliable and with great quality
 Company news
  • APS has been recognized as a VIP supplier by Scientis.com,  a leading  marketplace for medical research. Read more
  • APS made contributions to support a scientific discovery published in Nature by scientists from Dana Farber Cancer Institutes, Read more
  • APS contributed to a scientific discovery regarding innate immune response to inflammation published in PNAS. Read more
  •  Applied Pathology Systems and Science Exchange team up to offer online access to high quality histology services for research and development. See details

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