Special Histological Stains

In our laboratory, APS is proficient in histology special staining procedures. Special stains in histology improve tissue visibility, enabling the differentiation of tissue types and aiding in disease diagnosis and research, serving as valuable tools for pathologists and researchers
studying tissues, identifying anomalies, and investigating disease mechanisms.

Our Special Stains

PAS Stain
VVG Stain
Trichrome Stain
Sirus Red Stain
Oil Red O Stain
NBTC Stain
β Galactosidase Stain
Prussian Blue Stain
Luxol Fast Blue Stain
Giemsa Stain
GMS Stain
EdU Stain
Fontana Masson Stain
Von Kossa Stain

Special Stain Pricing 

(not including unstained slides preparation)