Our Products

At APS, we offer a variety of products to support your histology research. We provide formalin-fixed & paraffin embedded (FFPE) human tissues covering a broad range of cancer types. Samples are annotated with detailed clinical data, such as age, gender, AJCC TNM staging, and IHC result of markers for certain cancers. Pre-made TMAs allow you to study numerous cases and controls in one slide to ensure the consistency and affordability. Fresh frozen tissues are available for applications such as gene expression, Western blot, genotyping or histology study. Specifically, we validated a list of monoclonal antibodies that have shown great performance in IHC.

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FFPE Cancer Sections
Pre-Made Cancer TMAs
Validated IHC Control Slides
  • Hosptial Network- all FFPE and frozen tissues are acquired from our network of teaching hospitals
  • Strict Quality Control-   all samples have a companion H&E image and are strictly QC’ed by US Board certified pathologists
  • Validated Antibodies-  all antibodies have been validated either in-house or by our trusted third parties to ensure success in your IHC study
  • Comprehensive Annotated Clinical Data-  samples are annotated with key patient clinical data, such as age, gender, AJCC TNM staging, IHC result for tumor specific markers, and more