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We power discovery through precise tissue analysis. APS, your trusted partner in histology, provides comprehensive services for researchers and clinicians exploring pathophysiological conditions


APS is a one-stop shop histology laboratory.

 Being an established histology company since 2016, we are experts in providing a comprehensive range of histology services, including tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining. Additionally, our certified histologists are proficient in whole slide scanning, digital analysis, and more. The foundation of our services is built upon the expertise of our certified histologists, who work under the supervision of board-certified pathologists. Histology, a pivotal technology with a rich history in both research and clinical applications, enables researchers and clinicians to delve into the intricate morphology and structure of tissues, particularly in pathophysiological contexts. Serving as the cornerstone procedure that empowers experts to make groundbreaking discoveries and combat diseases, APS is unwavering in its commitment to delivering precision and accuracy in every service we undertake for our clients.

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The above tissue is subjected to Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining, a widely adopted histological technique for revealing nuclei and cytoplasm, where careful attention to each procedure step is critical due to its potential to substantially impact the final stain outcome

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    Below are some of our general protocols

General Histology Service Pricing

Frozen Section Pricing

To order services, please follow the following procedures

  • Step 1: Tell us your request. You can find your requested service and the respective price from the table above. Based on the Status of Submitted Sample, and the Request Description, you will find the Catalog and Price of your requested service. Please note by default the price is for cutting/staining of one slide, if you would like to cut or stain more than one slide, you must order “one additional slide” with Catalog S01ADSH, or S01ADSS in the same time. Please note the expected delivery time is an estimate and could vary depending on the work volume and the size of your order. We provide priority orders which will be processed immediately and would be guaranteed for 3 days delivery after receiving samples upon request.

  • Step 2: Fill out a Quote through the link below the table.

  • Step 4: Ship your samples to us. Please include your Sample Submission Form with your samples

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  • Step 5: Once your request is fulfilled, we will send back your data/slides and invoice

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