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To request a quotation for any of our services, we recommend expeditious communication by completing the designated quotation form provided below and by filling out our Sample Submission Form. Please allocate 1-3 business days for our prompt response. Additionally, APS facilitates inquiries through esteemed platforms such as and Science Exchange, accessible through the hyperlinks provided below. 

In cases of urgent inquiries or the need for expeditious information retrieval, we encourage you to contact us directly via telephone at (508)-970-5351 or initiate a real-time dialogue through our live chat feature. Thank you for your interest in working with APS. 

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APS not only sets high standard in data quality, but also embraces integrity in doing business with all the customers. We welcome all the opportunities to serve and collaborate with our clients, at the same time we also respect their privacy and put the data security to our top essentials. Donate samples, collaborate in research and development: antibody screening, testing, and validation. 

Here are the general procedures we take before and during a project:

  1. Address client’s general question regarding the project.
  2. Sign CDA and/or MSA when necessary.
  3. Communicate with the client for project details, set up meeting with the client when necessary.
  4. Provide a detailed quote with specific deliverables and turnaround time.
  5. Perform the project, communicate with the client for progress and questions.
  6. Deliver data and/or ship back deliverables.