Scanning Services

Brightfield Slide Scanner → Scan up to 40X with HD quality; JP2 format or TIF format

Fluorescence Slide Scanner  → The High-speed state-of-the-art PhenoCycler-Fusion System from Akoya Biosciences not only offers the finest imaging quality of more channels but also, with the automated cycling, enables you the power to stain, view, characterize, and quantify 100+ biomarkers in one sample. These features will allow you capture every little detail across the whole slide, view and characterize every single cell, and to drive unbiased discovery.

✔ Finest Image Quality
 ✔ Easy to handle with more plex stain
✔ More Channels Available
✔ Build in inForm Tissue Finder to enable direct image analysis

Imaging Services

Our image format is compatible with widely used imaging software, including but not limited to QuPath, HALO, and Visopharm, making is suitable for histological imaging services. 

Brightfield Imaging → magnifications include 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X & 60X

Fluorescence Imaging → take up to 4 channels covering different wavelengths 

Stereomicroscope Imaging

Benefits of Whole Slide-Scanning

Digitalization View the image of a slide from your computer without the need of a microscope
Preservation Store vital slides electronically, critical for fluorescence-stained slides due to signal decay
Versatility Free software for slide viewing, color adjustment, & magnification options with easy snapshots
Accessibility Easily download and securely share images, prepared for unbiased downstream analysis

Digital Imaging Pricing