Sample Submission Instructions

Step 1: Tell us your requests and obtain a quote from us.

You can find the respective prices of our services under each service category webpage. The expected delivery time for histology projects is about one to two weeks; this time frame could vary depending on the work volume and the size of your order. You can contact us by Filling out a Quote through the link below or by sending us an email at (be sure to attach the sample submission form). Once we receive your request, an official quotation with the details regarding deliverables, prices, and the turnaround time will be sent to you. To help you meet timelines in some special circumstances, we offer Priority Orders and Express Orders.

      •  Priority Orders: Samples will be processed with higher priority which enables a significantly faster turnaround time. In general, the H&E stain or requested unstained slides will be delivered about half of the otherwise regular turnaround time. The price for the services in this category will be 50% higher than the regular price.
      • Express Order: Samples will be processed the same day as being received; the samples or data will be delivered in the fastest possible timeline. For example, if the sample number is less than 50, H&E stain slides will be delivered in 3 days. The price for the services in this category will be twice the regular price.

Step 2: Send us the Purchase Order.

The quote can be used to obtain a PO from your institution. If preferred, we can coordinate with you to set up a credit card payment. Either Purchase Order or payment is required before the initiation of the project. In some circumstances, partial upfront payment may be required.

Step 3: Submit your samples to us.

We have sample drop off boxes in Longwood areas and UMass Medical School. Sample onsite pick up can be coordinated, otherwise, samples should be shipped to our laboratory with the following address. Please include your Sample Submission Form with your samples.  

                 Applied Pathology Systems, LLC
                222 Maple Ave, Rose Gordon Building, Suite 224
               Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Once your request is fulfilled, we will communicate with you and send back your slides and data.