Immunohistochemical Staining

Our laboratory offers IHC staining services, including IHC, IHC-IF, antibody validation, and optimization, performed by certified histologists under board-certified pathologist supervision, enhancing accurate protein identification and quantification in cellular tissue sections for scientific and clinical purposes.

IHC Staining Services

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

During immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining, proteins are observed under a brightfield microscope by employing enzymatic markers, like DAB chromogen, to highlight the linked proteins. This staining technique is primarily used for the identification of individual targets.

Immunofluorescence (IHC-IF)

In immunofluorescence (IHC-IF) staining, antibodies that are bound to their respective proteins are conjugated with a fluorophore or fluorescent dye. To observe these proteins, a fluorescent microscope is used. Multiplex immunofluorescence, a subset of IF, utilizes various markers and wavelengths to detect multiple proteins with a single tissue sample.

Antibody Validation & Optimization

Antibody validation is the process of confirming that an antibody specifically recognizes and binds to its intended antigen. Antibody optimization is used to enhance the performance of an antibody's characteristics through its sensitivity, and specificity. Both methods are used to ensure that antibodies are suitable for diagnostic and experimental applications.

Validated Antibodies

Through a collaboration with a third-party company, we have validated a large selection of antibodies across multiple different species that are specific to commonly used IHC staining targets. Our team of experienced histologists can also assist in validating your chosen antibodies and deliver the conclusive IHC results you desire.  

Human Antibodies
Mouse Antibodies

What is immunohistochemistry used for?

Immunohistochemistry (IHC staining) involves the specific binding of antibodies to antigens in biological tissues to analyze the expression, localization, and distribution of specific proteins within tissue cells.  Given that the unique protein expression patterns often correlate with specific diseases or cellular events, IHC staining finds extensive applications in clinical diagnosis and basic research, including pathway studies and biomarker development.

Certain aspects of immunohistochemistry services, such as sample preparation and antigen retrieval, can be quite intricate and time-intensive, requiring careful optimization. Immunohistochemistry is a standard procedure in our laboratory, and our certified histologists and pathologists possess the crucial expertise necessary for successful IHC studies. Our IHC services include immunohistochemistry staining (IHC), multiplex immunofluorescence (IHC-IF), and antibody validation & optimization.  

Our Experts have Experience in:

1. Academic Research
2. Histopathology Research
3. Advancing Drug Discovery
4. Pioneering Biotechnology Research
5. Diagnostic Research

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