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As a CLIA and ASCP certified laboratory, our team at APS consists of seasoned experts dedicated to delivering our services with excellence. 

Our Experts have Experience in:

1. Academic Research
2. Senior Scientists with Expertise in Histopathology Research
3. Advancing Drug discovery
4. Pioneering Biotechnology Research 
5. Diagnostic Research

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Our experienced team follows rigorous SOPs, and our state-of-the-art equipment, overseen by ASCP certified histologists & board-certified pathologists, guarantees unmatched quality
We provide supportive laboratory services to accommodate your related research, such as DNA/RNA extraction, real-time PCR, protein extraction, Western Blotting,
IHC, cell culture, and expansion

We adhere to strict standards and timelines, delivering most of our common services in just three business days. APS provides you with rapid results to propel your research forward


APS is a one-stop-shop for all your histology needs. We have an extensive range of histology service options: sample processing, embedding, sectioning, staining, frozen sections, imaging, and data analysis. 

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